We still take checks, of course, but for your convenience, we now also take credit cards for ImageMakers membership and functions. PayPal handles the transaction and you do not need to join or be a member of PayPal. Just use your credit card as you usually do online.

Other buttons may appear here for special events in the future.

Imagemakers membership fees. Regular annual fees are $50 for individuals; $60 to include your spouse. Note that due to the Covid-19 situation we have reduced those fees by 50%. Payments are due before February 1.
(Currently, the PayPal cart mistakenly shows "Single" even if you select a "Family" membership. Rest assured that if you pay for your spouse, he/she will be included in the $30 fee, despite appearances.)
Xmas Dinner Reservations. Choose from the drop down menu, selecting the number of people in your party, @ $39 each ($38 for dinner; $1 for the PayPal fee.). The 2019 Xmas dinner is Sunday, December 15th, at 4PM at the Bayonet/Blackhorse Golf Course, as it was last year.
Donations. Feeling flush? Click the "Donate" button and then fill in an amount. Some folks are making modest recurring monthly donations. Pretty painless, and it all helps. Thank you for being the wonderful person you are, and caring. (After you hit the donate button, click just to the right of the $0.00 and enter your amount.)

[If you have been assessed a penalty for late payment, please enter ONLY THE PENALTY AMOUNT in the field here, after processing the standard membership dues in the first "Imagemakers membership fees" section, above. Please call Tracy Valleau if you find this confusing, and need help.]