How do I join Imagemakers?
Membership Guidelines

(Membership is closed right now, although you may still submit an application, which will be held in the order received, until a slot opens.)

The ImageMakers is a membership-based organization of fine art photographers. We provide a supportive and interactive atmosphere for nurturing both the photographer and this type of art on the Monterey Peninsula. Our purpose is to critique constructively, and inspire the work of our members at all levels, with an eye to helping each person move forward and/or refine his or her art. In short: help us all grow as photographic artists. In order to achieve these goals, membership is reserved for those interested in pursuing these same objectives.

Our Steering Committee, composed of representative members, meets three times a year to review membership applications, address and resolve evolving issues, and maintain standards that reflect group opinion.

ImageMakers is limited to approximately 65 members, and if that is our current status, your active participation may be held until we can fit you into the membership total.

Photographers Wishing to Become Members

If you are interested in becoming a member, and you know someone who is currently an active member, we suggest that you ask that person to invite you as a guest to one of our regular meetings. If you do not know a current member, then you should contact our Membership Coordinator, Mary Aiu (, to inquire about attending as a guest.

We suggest you first visit one or two of our regular meetings and see if you think you'll fit into our organization. If you are still interested, you will be invited to show a few of your images at one of our regular meetings, held on the third Tuesday of each month. (See the "Meeting FAQ.") To be considered for membership, you may be asked to show samples of your images at subsequent meetings.

Once that's done, you must provide a letter of request to the Membership Coordinator, Mary Aiu. Attached with the request (preferably a Word or pdf document) should be a short biography including a history of photographic exhibits (if any), interests, endeavors, and website URL, if available. Please let us know your photographic ambitions, and how you feel that you will benefit the group, and how the group will benefit you.

When considering new members, the Steering Committee will evaluate the quality of work, dedication to and passion for the craft, and ability to participate actively in the dynamics of the group.

Steering Committee meetings are held every four months to consider new applications for membership. A majority of committee members will determine if an invitation for membership is to be extended.

Membership dues are $50 per year, payable during the month of January. There are other optional expenses, such as for members' parties, but the annual dues is the only mandatory fee.

We thank you for your interest.

How do I attend an ImageMakers meeting?

Simple (and we'd be delighted to see you) - just contact us through our contact page. A member will contact you and extend an invitation to be our guest at the next general meeting. Meetings start at 6PM on the third Tuesday of every month, at the McGowan house, High Street and Franklin, in Monterey. Members frequently arrive at 5:30 or earlier, to socialize.

Where is your meeting place, the McGowan House?
Click here for a Google map to our meeting location.
How do I prepare my digital image files to submit for a Call-for-Entry?

You may download an excellent primer here courtesy of ImageMaker Tracy Valleau. This should give you a basic understanding of preparing digital image files for contests. (These instructions are not for images you'd show to gain membership in ImageMakers. We'll want to see prints, please.) There are many ImageMakers that are well versed in all things digital so we encourage you to reach out to the membership for any help you might need. Member links may be found on our Members Page.

How do I purchase a catalog from the ImageMaker's Center for Photographic Art exhibit, Luminosity: The Art of Image Making?

Thank you for your interest! These exhibit catalogs are available through Blub books and may be purchased directly from Blurb here.

Who do I contact about...
...membership and for general inquiries? Mary Aiu
...the website? Tracy Valleau is webmaster.